Here is a list of the events organized by BEST Thessaloniki since 2001, starting with the latest events.


After the annual Year Planning and the organization of leisure activities for the members of the team, BEST Thessaloniki hosted in November the Joint Board Training, an action in which the members of the presidencies of the local BEST teams of Greece participated. Our members met with students from Athens, Xanthi, Patras, and Chania, while the boards cooperated and gained useful knowledge to carry out their duties. In mid-December, the local round of EBEC took place with huge participation of AUTh students. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 virus pandemic did not allow the BEST Course “SmartVille: The City of Tomorrow, Today” on Smart Cities and the rest of the year, but BEST Thessaloniki is adapting to the situation and continues to provide quality actions for technology students.


The year started with the established Year Planning and the organization of the actions of the year. The first action, the Local Event on Education on the integration of Massive Open Online Courses and the Flipped Classroom at the university, took place in November with the participation of students, professors and company representatives. In the first days of December, BEST Thessaloniki hosted a variety of European students – members of BEST for Technical Tutors Academy 4, during which participants gained knowledge to become trainers on technical skills (hard skills). In the middle of the same month, the local round of EBEC took place, in which about 100 students of AUTh participated.

The first activity of the new year was CareerFair, where students got in touch with companies and explored their career opportunities. In mid-March, the Academic Seminar (BEST Course) entitled “How to get away with an earthquake” was held, in which the 19 European students and the 10 students of AUTh deepened in seismic and structural safety issues, through lectures and workshops with teachers of AUTh and professionals in the field. Throughout the year, in collaboration with TITAN, a series of two-day workshops on workplace safety was organized. The academic year ended with the planning workshop in collaboration with Intracom Telecom and then the election of the new presidency.


The year started with the annual planning for the current year. On August 26th, all our members gathered at TA.XYP, in order to discuss and vote on our actions for the current year. 

The first official action of BEST Thessaloniki was EBEC Thessaloniki. The local part of the largest Engineering Competition in Europe took place in Thessaloniki from 11 to 13 November, gathering over 100 participants, who competed in its two parts.

The BEST Course on Biomedicine took place on March 7-16, with the participation of 23 students from major University Institutions in Europe and Canada, as well as 12 students from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The students had the opportunity to interact with their colleagues from all over Europe, but also to get to know the Greek culture, manners, and customs.

This was followed by a two-day excursion of our members on April 20-22. The aim of the trip is to tie our members together, to discuss team problems, as well as to attend training sessions on soft skills. 

The following month, on May 4-7, the national stadium of the EBEC competition took place in Thessaloniki. The winning teams from the local rounds of Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, and Chania participated in this. 

The year ended with the elections for the next presidency. On May 27 and June 23, team members gathered to evaluate the year, propose changes and elect the people who will lead the team in the new year.


On October 5, there was an action-call to new members entitled “Join the BEST Side of Life!” So that the students can get to know the organization, but also to see how the team works and what its goals are. On October 21st and 24th, we organized the Regional Meeting, where 9 local BEST teams from 5 countries participated, discussing issues related to the cooperation of all groups and how they worked. In addition, visits were made to the TITAN plant to inform participants about safety at work. On the 16th and 18th of December, the first phase of the annual EBEC engineering contest was held locally. On March 15th-24th, the annual 10-day Spring Course with more than 20 participants from all over Europe took place, titled “APP, iWanna bring you app“. The aim of the seminar was to acquire knowledge in software engineering and to make an introduction to coding, software design, and effective product promotion.


In October there was an action-call to new members titled “Hate, BEST!”. On 24-25 November, the first local phase of the EBEC engineering contest was organized. On December 17th, a one-day Local Event on Education was organized, where students’ views came to the ears of teachers with the aim of improving issues in the field of education. A ten-day academic seminar titled “Grand Thess Auto XVI” was organized on 30 March – 8 April, where 22 participants from all over Europe were hosted in Thessaloniki and gained insight into various aspects of automotive engineering, including the basic principles of aerodynamics, design, engines and electronic systems. On May 16-17, JobFair Thessaloniki was organized, where graduate students had the opportunity to get in touch with companies, to interview, and also to attend informative lectures on a successful course in their later professional career.


On 24-25 November, the first local round of EBEC engineering competition took place. In December, a Local Event on Education was organized, where the professors had the opportunity to listen to the opinions of students, aiming for the improvement of issues on education. On 26 March- 4 April, our Spring Course named “Flying Project: The Big Bang in Thessaloniki” was arranged; 22 participants from 17 countries were hosted in Thessaloniki and got to deepen their knowledge in the field of astrophysics, worldview, and aerospace engineering. In April, JobFair Thessaloniki was organized, where graduates had the chance to get in touch with companies, give job interviews and, also, attend lectures on how to pursue a successful professional career in the future. In May, the national round of EBEC engineering competition took place, where the winners of each local competition competed for a place in the pan-European round. In August, through the Cultural Exchange Thessaloniki- Torino program, students from Turin visited Thessaloniki and, more specifically, the student camping at Poseidi, where, at the same time, a three- day event was held in celebration of the 15th anniversary of the founding of BEST Thessaloniki.


In late August 2013 we organized the Regional Meeting for all the local groups of BEST belonging in the same region like us, entitled “South East Meeting Thessaloniki 2013”, where subjects concerning the cooperation of the groups and their working methods were discussed. In November there was a recruitment day so that new members could meet us and see the way the group works as well as which are our goals. There were visits at the TITAN factory to inform the participants about safety in the work space. In December the first round of the annual engineering competition EBEC Thessaloniki was conducted, as well as JobFair Thessaloniki for the first time, where participants were informed over various subjects concerning the job market and discussed with companies on possible career opportunities.

In March the local group of our organisation organised the Spring Course with over 20 participants from all over Europe entitled: “The Lord of the RIGS: The White Tower”. The aim of this course was to familiarise the participants with the creation and distillation of oil and to visit the headquarters of a significant oil industry in North Greece. Furthermore, in late May the national round of the engineering competition EBEC Greece was organised, where the winning teams of each university participated, and a training event for the boards of all the Greek groups of BEST took place.


The year 2012- 2013 started with the establishment of Joint Board Training at Thessaloniki. During this four-day event, the boards of the four Greek local BEST groups gathered in Thessaloniki in order to be trained as far as soft skills are concerned, but also so that they prepare the ground for a successful and effective year. Then, BEST Thessaloniki organized for the second time a local round of EBEC competition, where students of Aristotle University competed for a place in EBEC Greece and EBEC Final in Warsaw. Furthermore, the same year, students paid a visit to Noesis science center, whereas a long- time collaboration between BEST Thessaloniki and TITAN company.

After two successful weekends, one in December and the other in March, during which the members of our group took part in training and teambuilding sessions, BEST Thessaloniki held the first JobFair- Career Days in March 2013. After deciding to try something different, BEST Thessaloniki team organised, instead of the standard Spring Course, a ten-day Engineering Competition, where 22 students from all over Europe tried to reach the best solution, in order to reduce the energy consumed by buildings and make them more efficient and environmentally friendly. The year ended with a cultural exchange between Thessaloniki, Brno and Lund, where the members of the local BEST groups had the chance to visit other places and get to know their local culture.


For the first year we organised two EBEC events (European BEST Engineering Competition), one of them being a Case Study and the other one a Team Design, and the students of AUTh were given the opportunity to compete in a European level, with students from all around Europe. We organised a successful Motivational Weekend which included interesting soft skill training sessions, as well as activities for the integration of the new members in our group. In spring, the international academic course took place (Spring Course) on the subject of Biomedical Engineering, with the cooperation of professors from the Medical Faculty and Mechanical Engineering Faculty. There followed a 3-day training event for the members of BEST Thessaloniki and then during summer, in continuation of our cooperation with the student camping of AUTh at Possidi, we organised a training event for members of BEST International, getting foreign students in touch with members of the local group, as well as promoting the several activities of the organisation to the students of AUTh who were at the camping site.


In April we organised the Spring course Feel the Sound: Sound Engineering and Psychoacoustics. The participants had the opportunity to learn about signal processing, study architectural acoustics, microphone techniques, sound amplification and studio and recording techniques as well as the chance to record their own song. Another part of the lectures and presentations focused on the human appreciation of music and psychoacoustics.

In July the annual Board Meeting of the International Board of BEST, an event where the International Board and Coordinators meet to discusss and develop a strategic plan and the future goals of the organization, was held in Aristotle University Student Camp.

In November we organised a Local Engineering CompetitionGive me fuel, give me solar, give me energy!

Also in November we organised a Cultural Exchange with the local group of Rome.


FINANCIAL CRIMES – How to avoid them! A Spring Course that featured introductory lessons on Financial Markets, Institutions and Instruments, Risk Management, Financial Engineering and Corporate Finance. It was held in March in cooperation with the department of Mechanical Engineering.

In May we organised a Local Engineering competition “Wanna meet a robot?” where the participants had a chance to build and program a robot using Lego Mindstorms.

In December we organised another local Engineering competition, “Bridging the Gap”, where the participants had the opportunity to build bridge models using steel bars. The winning group went on to participate in the National Engineering competition held in Patra.

Later in December we organised a Motivational Weekend in Ano Milia where students of AUTH had the opportunity to learn about BEST


In Green…we trust!: A Spring course on sustainable and environmentally friendly urban planning was held in April.

The summer meeting for the External Events committee was held in the students camping of AUTH in August.

A joined board training with the boards from local groups Thessaloniki and Istanbul was held in November

A Motivational weekend We R.A.I.N. was held in December


Meeting of the External Events Committee in March 2008

Engineering competition entitled ”Can you survive…the competition?” on solar energy with the participation of 20 European and 20 Greek students.

A Cultural exchange with the local group of Riga during August.

The meeting of the International Board of BEST was held in September.

A Motivational weekend for the students of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki was held in November.


Academic seminary entitled “Home … Smart Home!“. The seminar was organised in collaboration with the departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Civil Engineering with the participation of 30 European and 20 Greek students.

We also organised the second local engineering competition for students of A.U.TH. on renewable energy. The competition was held during the ”Student Week”.

Cultural exchange with the local group of Brussels, Belgium on the historical and cultural interest of coastal Greek cities.


Spring Seminar on Urban Planning Re-Design your city: Learn how to live with water!”. The seminar was held with the collaboration of the School of Architects and the Port Authority of Thessaloniki.

Participation in the second Money Show as a non-governmental organisation with a workshop on “Technical Education in Greece”. The workshop was attended by the chairman of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Mr Angelidis and the chairman of the Electrical and Mechanical Association of Northern Greece, Mr Chomsioglou.

Cultural exchange with the group of Gothenburg, Sweden on “Gender equality in technical professions.” The second part of cultural exchange was held in August of 2006.

Local engineering competition with the participation of students of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, as a part of the 2006 ”Student Week” of Thessaloniki.


Participating for the first time in the Money Show as a non-governmental organization and presentation of our activities.

In autumn, the local meeting of the Greek and Italian BEST teams was organized (Regional Meeting 05). Perhaps the most important event in the history of the local team. With the local teams of Chania and Athens, the General Assembly of the organization was organized for about 300 student students in Georgioupolis, Chania.


Applications in Information and Communication Society”: International group training seminar on telecommunications and new technologies.

Trainshop «beRICHER»: An international training seminar for student members of the organization on the methods for locating and managing the financial resources of local groups.


The Fourth Annual Meeting of Greek Local Teams in Thessaloniki (Greek Meeting IV). Imagine a modern – BEST city! Was our third international seminar on current trends in urban planning. In the winter, a Cultural Exchange was held with the Belgian Leuven team on “Investigation of wetlands in Macedonia”.


The second international seminar of the group Have you ever put your life in hot water?”, Was held with the support of the Hydraulic and Environmental Sector of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The first cultural exchange of the group took place in the summer of 2002 with the Warsaw local team on “Wine Production”.


It’s All Greek To Me was the first international group seminar with the support of the Greek Language School, in which 20 students from all over Europe took their first steps in the Greek language.