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The motivation letter is the most important part of the application process, since it is the main criterion by which each local team chooses the participants!

So where do you have to start from? What to say? What not to say?

The following guidelines will help you get a general idea of ​​a motivation letter. However, due to a differentiation in the selection criteria of each local group, there is no perfect standard. So it is not binding to follow these instructions literally, but on the contrary, we urge them to make the headlines as much as you can.

Where do I start?

  • Before you make your application in any event, read carefully the information provided by the official website. How will the event be? Is required prerequisite knowledge? e.t.c.
  • Do not forget that reading the Survival Guide can be very useful
  • In many local groups, applications may exceed 400! So imagine how important originality is when your application is compared to 399+. In order to distinguish your motivation letter, try to be creative and entertaining to win your readers from the start
  • The letter must be written in English, and it is advisable to avoid special characters (like every word in Greek)

What should I write;

  • Two words about yourself. What do you study, what do you do in your everyday life, what are your hobbies, sports that you can deal with, maybe what languages ​​you speak. BEST courses also include entertainment, so it’s important for a balanced character between academic content and fun!
  • The organizers need to understand that you are interested in the matter. Why is this topic appealing to you, how will the knowledge you gain in your later career help you?
  • Explain why you want to go to that particular city and country so much! You might want to do a survey of the site before you start writing, to know, for example, what monuments there are, what are the most common food, maybe some traditions. Generally interested in the place that will host you
  • What do you have to offer at the Event? In other words why choose you? (eg you dance like Michael Jackson, or you know hundreds of jokes, or you got a NASA prize on the subject)
  • In case you are asked for prerequisite knowledge you must show that you have them. This will be listed as a requirement in the course details, so read carefully the information given to you before you apply

What not to write:

  • Your motivation letter will be read by students. Therefore, Dear Madam or Sir formulas are superfluous
  • The motivation letter is NOT a CV. You do not have to write what seminars you have attended, what grades have you got, what practices you have done … We want to know more about you!
  • You may not upload pictures or links to your motivation letter
  • Be careful!! Send the correct letter to the right place. (in case you make more than one application, do not confuse them!)
  • Do not copy a Motivation letter! You are aiming to write a separate letter that contains your personal style
  • Do not overdo it with the size! Half with one A4 page is enough for the organizers to get to know you. Try to keep a balance
  • Do not leave it for a moment! A very common mistake is to leave the application for the last day. This sometimes means we can not send our application because of overloading the system, but we also do not have enough time to write our application as we would like. So be sure to write and send your application in time!