Throughout the year, BEST Thessaloniki organizes various activities where students have the opportunity to gain additional knowledge about their areas of study, to participate in discussions on educational issues, to take the first steps in their professional training their professional careers, to increase their international experience and to have fun.

Academic Seminars (Courses)

BEST Thessaloniki encourages diversity and helps European technology students acquire an international mindset by organizing a multi-day academic seminar in an international environment. Participants are at least 22 students from technology institutions throughout Europe, as well as 10 students from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Participants attend lectures by the institution’s teaching staff or representatives of the companies and are eventually evaluated and receive a European-recognized follow-up certificate. Through these seminars, students of technology schools are given the opportunity to broaden their knowledge as technicians as engineers, to acquire new knowledge and experience of cooperation in a multicultural context.

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Local Events on Education (LEoEs)

LEOEs are local events of BEST Thessaloniki, where students and professors of the university community gather and contribute with their knowledge and insights on engineering issues. The main objective of LEoE is to give students the opportunity to participate actively in educational issues. This creates a platform in which new ideas are shared and improvements and innovations are proposed in the field of higher education. Discussion topics can be co-developed with the University or the competent authorities so that the results have a direct and effective impact on the improvement of the University’s educational process. Through this initiative, we want to raise student awareness of educational issues by allowing them to discuss with each other as well as with other educational institutions. Additionally, we aim to upgrade the quality of university studies taking into account the views of our teachers and students.


European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC)

EBEC gives students the opportunity to test their knowledge and skills to reach the solution in one of the two categories of the competition, Team Design or Case Study.

Team Design

It is about solving a technical problem by creating a simple materials construction within a predetermined time. It must perform the necessary actions and / or have specific properties. The presentation of the winner is followed by the presentation and evaluation of the functionality of each construction to teachers related to the subject, as well as to the corresponding team of BEST Thessaloniki (Topic Team).

Case Study

It is about analyzing and solving a theoretical operational problem by developing hypothetical solutions, using the information provided at the beginning of the process. The results are shown through the presentation and evaluation of the results in relation to the specific teachers.

EBEC is the largest engineering contest in Europe and is organized in 32 countries, 85 educational institutions and brings together more than 6,500 participants.

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Career Events (JobFair)

From 2013, BEST Thessaloniki organizes career events to help students develop their skills and get a taste of the job market. During the event, graduate students and aliens are given the opportunity to participate in meetings of leading companies looking for staff for direct or future collaboration. In the same place, the JobFair company exhibition takes place where participants have the opportunity to get in touch with the companies and get informed about the job prospects in the respective industry. JobFair is open to all students and graduates of Greek universities. At the same time, presentations and workshops are held during the event. Participating in the event is an important opportunity for each student to meet with business executives, to make a resume, to network, to get a job and to get useful information about job prospects in specific companies.



In 2012 BEST Thessaloniki’s long-term cooperation with the TITAN Group began, and for six consecutive years, the two-day seminar on “Health and Safety at Work” was repeated. In total, six (6) workshops are held in three (3) cycles. Each workshop includes a visit to the TITAN plant, attendance of lectures, participation in case studies, factory tour and discussion to draw useful conclusions. Finally, official TITAN monitoring certificates are issued. Priority is given to older students, and a variety of schools is desirable. Students of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, who were participants and previous years but had not attended a circle, have the opportunity to take part in the seminar to get the final certificate of attendance. Transfer to and from the factory is free of charge with rented buses starting at the entrance of the Faculty of Engineering.